Community Health Issues

As addressed in the publication, Ethnic Health Assessment for African Americans in California*, CBHN supports and will address the following issues:

  1. Policymakers must work to increase the supply of African American health care providers in California.
  2. Research organizations in California should identify and monitor key indicators of African American health.
  3. African American faith-based institutions must be supported in addressing community health issues. Those issues include:
  1. Obesity, physical activity, hypertension, communicable diseases (particularly STDs), and youth and family violence.
  • African American community leaders in California must advocate for better food choices.
  • Community and advocacy groups should collaborate with the media to address the issues of alienated young men in California’s African American population.
  • African Americans in California should band together to develop self-help networks; a good example: Oakland’s Critical Mass Health Conductors.
  • *Please click here to see the entire publication, Ethnic Health Assessment for African Americans in California.

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