Passion Project Internship

We want to see people who care about the black community make an impact based upon their own interests and passions. The Passion Project Internship is a self-directed project that you create and we offer advice and resources. Pick any aspect of health or wellness and do something in your community.

As an example, our Community Outreach Coordinator, Shaitra, debuted “You Can Touch My Hair Exhibit.” In this exhibit, she was bringing forward the conversation of entitlement to black hair under the guise of curiosity. At her university, she had many experiences of people treating her like a doll and having random people putting their hands in her hair. She heard of other Black and People of Color students with the shared experience. They decided to band together to conduct constructive conversation about this curiosity such as where it comes from, why people do it, and most of all consent to enter personal space.

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