Soda Consumption Drops to a 30 Year Low in The United States

Continuing The Fight Against Big Soda

“Our success may stimulate other communities of color to pass soda taxes.” 

Dr. Vicki Alexander, Berkeley vs. Big Soda

Dr. Vicki Alexander is a member of the California Black Health Network Board of Directors and the Co-Chair of “Yes” on Campaign D – Berkeley CA Tax on Sugar Sweetened Beverages.

In November 2014, the city of Berkeley won the first battle against Big Soda by passing a tax on sugar sweetened beverages (Measure D).  However, the war against Big Soda for the health of our children and teens continues across the state of California.

CBHN will continue to support health education and awareness regarding the ills of sugar sweetened beverages; especially in the African community.

Check out this short film:  Berkeley vs. Big Soda


I am proud to announce that the California State Senate and Assembly approved six tobacco measures that seek to protect our children from the harmful effects of smoking.

The measures include raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco products from age 18 to 21, regulating e-cigarettes like tobacco products, and banning smoking in the workplace and on school grounds.

The California Black Health Network (CBHN) supported these measures through the legislative process and hopes that Governor Brown signs these bills into law.

CBHN has a rich history in the fight against tobacco use in communities of color. In its early years, smoking cessation was the organization’s focus and CBHN led the way in outreach and education on this issue. Reducing tobacco use continues to be a priority for CBHN as smoking rates among Africans are the highest in the state.

Black men who smoke are 50% more likely to get lung cancer than White men who smoke; 81% of Black men who get lung cancer will die, compared to 54% of White men with lung cancer who will die. Tobacco-related deaths continue to kill more Africans than AIDS, violence and accidents combined.

The California Black Health Network urges Governor Brown to sign these important bills. It is time that we protect our children and communities from the harmful effects of tobacco.

Sandra O. Poole
Interim President/CEO