Health Topics

Whatever the health topic, you can be assured that the African American Speakers Bureau on Health (AASBH) will work with you toward the goal of making your event a success and your audience much more enlightened than they were when they walked through the door.

However, most importantly, the AASBH will be your partner in building a healthy community wherever you work and live. Remember, Health Happens Here with Prevention.

  1. Health Equity
      • “The Elimination of Health Disparities – How About We Share in this Pie?”
      • “Policy and Advocacy – It’s Time to Find Your Voice”


  2. Health Reform
      • “It was an Act and NOW it’s Law – So What Difference Will it Make?”


  3. Prevention & Wellness
      • “Hunger Healthy Free Kids Act – Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention”
      • “Insurance Rates too Hight” Then Stay Well!”
      • “How Prevention and Wellness Build Healthy Communites”


  4. Mental Wellness
      • “My Mind, My Soul, My Body”
      • “Champions for Whole Health – the Fight for Mental Wellness in California”


  5. Chronic Disease Management
      • HIV/AIDS – “An Update on Black Women and HIV/AIDS”
      • Obesity – “The Weight of the Nation and its Impact in Caliornia”
      • “Diabetes – Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, and that Ain’t All”
      • “Hypertension – It’s More than Just Your Heart that’s at Risk”
      • “Asthma-Crisis in the African Community”


  6. Environmental Health
      • “Land Use – Is Community Planning Making You Sick?”
      • “Transportation in California – Plans to Keep Our Communities Healthy”
      • “Mixed Use Communities – Your Voice/Your Health – They Both Count”


  7. Health and Young Men of Color
      • Gang Violence – “Choose Life, Choose Health, Choose to Stop the Madness”
      • “Mentoring-Changing the Health of a Community, One Young Man at a Time”
      • “Father and Son Connections – Building Healthy Communities Together”


  8. “Health in Community Planning and Housing – Know Your Community and Work to Make it Healthy”
  9. Workforce Development
      • “Diversity in the Health Professions – Creating a Pipeline to the Future”
      • “Cultural Proficiency and Health Professionals Who Care – the Future of Medicine is in the our Hands”


  10. Black Infant Health
    • “Maternal and Child Wellness – Our Gateway to Building Healthy Communities”