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Health 4 Life


The Health 4 Life: Healthy Black People campaign empowers all Black Californians with “HOW DO I…” information and resources needed to navigate the system, advocate for your friends, your family, and yourself, and take action when faced with discrimination.

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Getting what you need from the healthcare system

“HOW DO I...” Fact Sheets: Community Tools and Resources

The healthcare system has a responsibility to match the effort Black Californians make to secure good health by delivering respectful treatment and high-quality care.

Each “HOW DO I…” fact sheet is designed to help you make informed choices and spread important health information within our communities.

Patient Bill of rights summary

How Do I Take Action to Protect My Health?

Take steps to protect your health daily, such as by eating healthy, staying active, getting enough sleep, and being mindful of unhealthy habits. 

This “HOW DO I...” fact sheet will help you make more informed choices for a healthier future.

How Do I Find the Right Healthcare Provider for Me?

Discovering the right healthcare provider for you involves seeking recommendations, checking reviews online, verifying insurance coverage, and assessing factors like respect, communication, and cultural understanding. Investing time in finding the right provider and knowing how to seek a second opinion or switch providers if needed can ensure that you receive the best care.

Check out this “HOW DO I...” fact sheet to learn how.

How Do I Know What My Plan Covers?

Understanding Your Health Coverage: From Insurance Cards to exploring Benefit Summaries and reviewing statements, learn how to harness the power of your health plan to enhance your well-being.

Uncover the secrets with this comprehensive "HOW DO I..." fact sheet.

How Do I Prepare for My Visits?

Make the most out of your health visits by preparing ahead, bringing a list of questions and medications, and actively engaging with your healthcare provider. This comprehensive resource provides tips and guidance to optimize your care and ensure you’re well-informed during and after your appointments.

Get and stay ready with this “HOW DO I...” fact sheet.

How Do I Speak Up for My and My Family’s Health?

Empower yourself and advocate for your family’s health by effectively communicating with your providers, knowing your patient rights, filing complaints when necessary, and seeking assistance from patient advocates for navigating the healthcare system.

Gain valuable insights and practical tips by checking out this "HOW DO I...” fact sheet.

How Do I Spread the Word?

Access a variety of resources to effectively and accurately spread important information about health, healthcare, and healthcare access within our communities.

Check out the "HOW DO I…" Community Partners Toolkit featuring social media, infographics, posters, and more!

 Watch this video to learn about what your health insurance plan covers! 

You Spoke, We Listened!

Listening to Black Californians Study Overview & Findings

Black Californians are pursuing good health and healthcare and want the health system to do its part.

That is what the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF)’s study revealed after listening to Black Californians’ experiences with racism and healthcare. 

As one of the largest studies focused on the healthcare experiences of Black Californians to date, the study included a survey of 3,325 Black Californian adults, in-depth interviews with 100 Black Californians, and 18 statewide focus groups.

The resulting report, Listening to Black Californians: How the Health Care System Undermines Their Pursuit of Good Health, concluded:

  • Black Californians…
    • Have health insurance 
    • Get preventive screenings 
    • Prepare for visits to the doctor 
    • Monitor their physical health 
    • And want the healthcare system to meet them halfway
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