Who We Are

The voice and trusted resource for Black Health Equity in California.

What We Do

CBHN is the only Black-led, state-wide organization dedicated to advocating for health equity for all African Americans and Black Immigrants in California.


A California where every African American and Black Immigrant has the opportunity to live long healthy lives, free from violence, racism, and health inequities.


To ensure that all Black Californians, regardless of their education, socio-economic class, zip code, sexual orientation, gender identity, homelessness, or immigration status have access to high quality and equitable primary and behavioral healthcare, and avoid unnecessarily succumbing to disease.

Core Values

  • Leadership and Accountable: We practice financial fitness ensuring stability, consistency and sustainability
  • Inter-generational Support and Activism: We are contemporary in our approach to issues, ensuring our work is current, innovative when necessary, and steeped in community-based need.
  • Coalition Building and Collaboration: We say what we do and we do what we say with a steadfast adherence to principles.
  • Racial Integrity and Pride: We embrace strategic alliances, align and integrate our work with others with shared vision and values.
  • Inclusive: We incorporate diverse perspective into our work. We consider our social responsibility and we make informed decisions that are impactful


To support research and educational efforts that document the underlying factors that determine the health status of Africans and inform policy initiatives to reduce disparities.

  • To provide a structure for coordinated efforts to improve the health status of Africans in California.
  • To establish partnerships with and mobilize support for the work of community and other statewide African health organizations.
  • To increase African participation in policy making at all levels within the health industry and the public sector.
  • To advocate for policy changes that increase the participation of underrepresented minorities in education and health care delivery.
  • To build strong and mutually supportive relationships with other ethnic advocacy organizations, community groups, public agencies, civic and community leaders and public officials committed to improving the health of all Californians.
  • To serve as a resource on health policies and related issues for organizations working to improve the health of Africans.