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Policy and Advocacy

On October 9, 2021, Governor Newsom signed the final bills of the first year of the 2021-2022 legislative session. During the first year of the session, CBHN, alongside our partners, strongly advocated for legislative and administrative proposals that would improve the health and wellbeing in African American and Black communities throughout the state. The Legislature and the Governor made critical policy and budgetary decisions related to healthcare, housing, education, law-enforcement, and other issues that impact the longevity and vitality of our communities.

We are excited that the Legislature and Governor took significant actions to address health inequities and increase access to health care, which was demonstrated by the expansion of Medi-Cal coverage for seniors age 50 and older regardless of immigration status, as well as the transformation of California’s Medicaid system to a whole person care approach, known as CalAIM, and the passage of the Momnibus Act, which will undeniably play a significant role in addressing the alarming Black maternal and infant health disparities that exist in our state.

Although the Legislature and Governor have taken important steps to address health inequities in our state, we recognize that there are opportunities to go further. Thus, CBHN, alongside several of our partners, are co-sponsoring the Health Equity and Racial Justice Fund budget proposal, which is an investment in community-based organizations (CBOs), community clinics, and tribal organizations to address structural inequities by transforming community conditions and institutional government systems to promote health equity and racial justice.

As we have all seen by now, the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated and amplified inequities that have long existed in our communities. Thus, as we work to advance Black health equity, we will continue to move forward policies and initiatives that address the structural barriers to Black health and wellbeing.

Click here to view CBHN’s State legislative tracker. If you would like to be added to CBHN’s Policy & Advocacy Network Listserv, please contact Eugene Canson, Sr. Manager, Policy & Government Affairs.


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