The California Black Health Network (CBHN) joins the California Black Women’s Health Project, California Pan-Ethnic Health Network, the Public Health Advocates, Roots Community Health Center, and Black Women for Wellness, along with these and 157 organizations and 447 individuals to urge Governor Newsom to immediately issue an Executive Order to declare racism to be a public health crisis in the state of California. Racism – defined here as “a system of structuring opportunity and assigning value based on race, that unfairly disadvantages some individuals and communities, and advantages others” is a system that is both created and maintained by people and institutions in order for its continued impact.

We know that racism lies at the core of health inequities Black Americans experience in California and across the country on a daily basis. And, until we dismantle structural and institutional racism and address how it impacts the health, safety, and well-being of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), we will not be able to achieve a more just and equitable society. That is why we are joining in to incite a call to action and to urge the Governor to take this important first step in making California an antiracist state.

We also know that Covid-19 has brought to the forefront the degree of health disparities that exists among Black Americans communities across the country. The racism and racial bias experienced within the healthcare against patients and healthcare workers is unacceptable.

CBHN strives to be the voice and trusted resource for Black Health Equity in California, and our voice is saying that now is the time for us to tackle systemic and institutional racism. Without this bold step, we will not realize the paradigm shift needed to close the gap in health disparities and improve health outcomes for Black Californians and all people of color.

Please, join us as we continue to advocate for:

  • Declaring racism as a public health issue
  • Keeping people safe and in their homes
  • Protecting the health and well-being of all BIPOC people,
  • Ensure that there is access to quality, affordable, equitable healthcare

Thank you for your support and stay safe and healthy!