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California Cancer Care Equity Act

SB 987 “California Cancer Care Equity Act” was signed into law by Governor Newsom in September 2022 to address cancer disparities.

What does it mean for you, your family, and community:

  • This law requires that doctors tell their Medi-Cal patients that they can receive enhanced care for a complex cancer diagnosis at a nationally recognized comprehensive cancer center. Examples of complex cancer diagnoses include leukemia, multiple myeloma, certain lymphomas, pancreatic cancer, advanced stage lung cancer, advanced stage prostate cancer, advanced stage breast cancer, sarcomas, and liver and biliary cancer.

Why this should matter to you:

  • Until now, many Black patients in under-resourced communities have been denied access to the latest advancements in cancer care. This law allows Black Californians on Medi-Cal to benefit from emerging therapies, clinical trials, and specialized doctors to have a better chance at survival.

How you can access benefit/resources:

  • If you are on Medi-Cal and have been diagnosed with a complex type of cancer, ask your doctor for a referral to one of these leading-edge cancer centers.
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